Video for daily routines and notes and messages

Someone recommended this on Twitter to me. It’s a short film called ‘Signs’. Other than being intrinsically entertaining, it’s one of those videos that just cries out to be used in ELT. The opening minute follows a bored office worker through his typical daily life. If you played it to students and they noted down each event in his routine, you’d have a nice opening to a lesson on present simple and adverbs of frequency for daily routines. Students would write down the verbs in the film (get up, have breakfast, start work, photocopy, have lunch, go home, have dinner, go to bed) and then use them to write their own descriptions.

In the rest of the film, we see the man start a relationship with a woman in an office across the street. They communicate throughout the film by writing messages on pieces of paper to each other. The language is often in note form so it’s a good link to any lesson on writing notes and messages. If students have been learning the basics of writing short notes and understanding shortend forms such as C U 2 nite ( = see you tonight) then this film is a fun way to end the lesson as it’s basically a reading task in the context of a story. Enjoy.

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