Business Result

business-result-angle full sizeMy first full-time teaching job was teaching business English so Business Result was one of my first major writing projects. The six-level series continues to be popular with teachers around the world. The first edition came out in 2007 and now, ten years later, it’s available as Business Result Second Edition. 

“One strength of the second edition of this well-known coursebook is the input from business experts at the innovative Saïd Business School. These five new ‘Viewpoint’ videos include authentic interviews with academics and business experts covering relevant topics like consumer behaviour and social media marketing. I especially like the new ‘Talking Point’ sections, devised to get students discussing business ideas including outsourcing to robots and ‘fun theory’. Impressive; may prove even more popular than the first edition” ELGazette Review, April 2018

You can order a sample unit from Oxford University Press here.