ETpedia-angle fullsizeIt’s hard to know where to begin with ETpedia because its grown and grown way beyond the original concept. When I first started out, I wanted to write one book that would bring together lots of ideas for teachers in once place rather than having to search everywhere. It was aimed at anyone teaching English as a foreign language – a novice teacher, a student working towards an ELT qualification, or an experienced professional looking for a fresh approach.

The book became a best-seller with Pavilion ELT Publishing, who also produce the journals English Teaching Professional and Modern English Teacher. So next, we developed the idea of further ETpedia resource books focusing on specialist areas such as Young Learners, Teenagers, Grammar, Technology and so on. As series editor, it’s been a new learning curve for me as I’m more used to writing than editing. It’s also allowed me to work with some of the top names in ELT including Nicky Hockly, Lindsay Clandfield, Ed Dudley, Robert McLarty, Louis Rogers, Dan Barber, Ceri Jones. It’s been a finalist for the ELTon awards and won the BESIG Business English award.

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