Training and Presentations


Training and webinars in 2021

January, 2021

23rd January – The 2nd PARK conference, webinar on “Two sides of the same coin”What’s new in

26th January – National Geographic Learning webinar on “What’s new in World Link?”

28th January – British Council webinar “Two sides of the same coin: Critical and Creative thinking in ELT”

January 25th to the end of March – Oxford University Course  “Effective Online Course Design”

Summer, 2021

ELT Summer Seminar, Oxford University – July 25th to August 7th

Recordings of some past webinars

5 Steps to Teaching English Online (IH Torun)

7 Steps Towards Creativity in the Language Classroom (NGL webinar)

10 ways to make your video lessons HOT (NGL webinar)