John Hughes

John Hughes

ELT Author

Trainer and presenter

“John’s a great trainer with lots of interesting knowledge and insights into ELT, and some nice new perspectives on what it’s all about. Good to work with, too.”
Adrian Underhill
Course director of ELT Summer Seminars, Oxford University
At the end of a training event with teachers in Colombia

I’m often asked by teachers, “How did you get into training?” I started by volunteering to run workshops in the schools I worked at. Eventually, I ran a training department in the UK where we offered courses leading to the Trinity Cert TESOL and Diploma in TESOL. I also developed business English training courses leading to the LCCIEB First Certificate in Teaching Business English (FTBE).

More recently. I have been a trainer with Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. With the university, I have run courses in materials writing, technology and critical thinking in the summer months (face-to-face and online) and I have also been the tutor on their course in Effective Online Course Design.

In addition, I offer tailor-made programmes. For example, I have designed and run courses in using images and video in the classroom. Some organizations have also requested specific training in materials writing and content creation. If you are interested in working with me as either a presenter or trainer, contact me.

You can watch a variety of my training webinars on behalf of National Geographic Learning here.